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RULES Amendment: Membership
SIN ART 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 10th Feb 2014
Title:   The DWG Clan Charter & Bylaws & Rules
  Potential Members: Read before joining!

May 25, 2012 12:02 am (EST)
Charter & Bylaws & Rules of The DWG Clan

(NOTE: Yes, this reads entirely too much like a legal document)

This document serves as the charter and bylaws of The DWG Clan
(henceforth "the clan" or "DWG".


The purpose of DWG is to form a gathering of like-minded players
of video games. The clan is a competitive clan but does not exist solely

for competition; we welcome non-competitive members to the clan.
The clan was formed as a team to represent the parent website/owner


The leader of the clan is Richard a.k.a. SIN ART and Co-leader TBA. While clan issues will mostly be decided democratically with

votes from the voting membership, the leadership of the clan has
final say in all matters pertaining to the clan.


Membership in DWG is open to all persons regardless of sex, race,
religion or ethnic background. Applications for membership are taken
on The DWG Clan's website. All applications will be accepted and listed as a “Recruit”. All Recruits will be tested and then voted on by the current voting membership, with a majority vote signaling acceptance or not of the applicant.

There will be different levels of teams each with their own special
requirements. After becoming a member, team leaders will test you to
See if you fit their team. If two (2) or more teams want you for their team
they will have to battle it out for you. There will be a place in a team for everyone. When a new member has been accepted in to the clan and placed
in a team they must pledge their commitment in a show of loyalty by purchasing a DWG T-Shirt.

Amendment: Membership Loyalty February 10, 2014
·        When a new member has been accepted in to the clan and placed
·        in a team they must pledge their commitment in a show of loyalty by “Donating” five dollars ($5.00) through the clan websites donation button.
·        All members will “like” DWG’s facebook page.
·        All members will “follow” DWG’s Twitter page.
·        All members will sign up to DWG’s competitive website
·        All members of the “DWG CLAN” must challenge a member or nonmember of the “DWG CLAN” to a match. With a minimum of no less than one match per week on the competitive website  
The voting members for clan business are:
1)     Destructive World Gaming LLC.(veto power over all)
2)     Clan leader
3)     Co-leader
4)     Team leaders
The voting members for open forums business:
1)     All members.
 All members in attendances on the day of the vote will constitute
the voting body for that vote. A minimum of 2/3 of the membership
must vote on the topic for it to be passed and/or denied.     


1) All new applicants will be voted on by the voting population of the
clan. If accepted, they will have a probationary period of no less
than one month (30 days) during which time the applicant does not have

voting privileges.
2) All non-probationary members can vote in any decisions brought to
the membership, and all members have an equal vote.
3) Clan members may “NOT” be members of other clans.
4) Clan members should behave admirably when interacting with others.
This means:
a) No name-calling or griefing for the purpose of belittling others.
NO modding, glitching, or cheating No cheating!
c) Be friendly to others - treat them in a way you would wish to be
treated yourself.
d) Remember that everyone has a right to play, and though you may
be more skilled that does not make you better than anyone else.
e) Always be mindful of the rules in place on any server you use.
5) Any violations of clan policies may result in disciplinary action.


If, a clan member is found to be in violation of policies during their
probationary period, their membership may be revoked without warning.
If the probationary period has expired, the member will be warned of
their actions and given the chance to correct them. Clan members can
have their membership revoked via a vote on the topic, by a vote of the

leadership, or in extreme cases a vote by Destructive World Gaming LLC.


Clan business should be conducted on the website Business forums and/or specially convened meeting of the voting members. Informal discussions held

in-game or in other formats (Instant Messenger, email, etc) should be
brought up on the forums so that other voting members not present are aware
of the situation and details. Until handled on the business forums and/or in a
specially convened meeting, no clan business is official. 

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