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Our thoughts on CoD: Ghosts by Sparda
SGT G1 Sparda 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 17th Nov 2013
   Greetings fellow gamers! Sparda here once again, I wanted to share my thoughts on Call of Duty: Ghosts. So admittedly I didn't get the game right at release but I have had a copy for a few days now and played my fair share, albeit mostly team deathmatch. I've seen some players say Ghosts is the best title yet, others seem to think it’s the worst. I can’t say where I’d place it but at the least it  seems to be a decent game. I enjoy the game overall but that isn't to say I don’t have a few gripes with it.

    I have to say that the transition from Black Ops 2 to Ghosts was seamless. When I went from Modern Warfare 3 to Black Ops 2 it took me a little longer to just get comfortable with the game, it wasn't anything too serious but the way the perks worked in that game through me off a little where this time I just jumped in and it all made sense. Speaking of perks, I have a love hate relationship with them this time around. On one hand I like the heavy division and sheer quantity of perks since it gives more definition to each player’s style but it does seem slightly excessive though to be fair, looking at the perk system that way leaves a no win scenario for Infinity Ward but I can’t help the way I feel about this. Did they really just divide previous perks from their pro variants and toss them in to say there’s more distinction in playstyle or do you all feel it actually leads to a more interesting meta-game? 

   In any case the gunplay is, well it’s Call of Duty…. not much change there but why fix something that’s not broken, right? I can’t say if it’s just my connection leading to lag or hit-box issues but I have found a few times where I fire upon a completely exposed/still opponent just to have them turn and finish me off, normally I’d deem such an event as lag right from the start but everything else seemed to be working just fine and I had even got hit-markers when I fired the bursts off so I can’t say with certainty what the issue was but figured it was worth mentioning because I've heard quite a few stories from other gamers so let me know if any of you have encountered similar scenarios. A few events such as the one I mentioned aside I've found most skirmishes to be pretty enjoyable, the maps in this game indefinitely larger which I know many players seem to dislike but I love large maps, so while there is bias involved in my judgement here, I like all the stages I've played thus far. 

    Killstreaks are back in the same form as Modern Warfare 3 including a set of possible killstreaks for Assault, Support and the perk savvy Specialist. I did like this system so I was glad to see it return, especially but again, admittedly, I’m not the one getting those large killstreaks so I usually stick with support to help the team out. When I do go with Assault I have to say that i appreciate getting the attack dog (guard dog) is always fun. Sure there’s moments where I question whose team it’s on after watching him run past enemies but that very rare, for the most part having him around means I can play some long range safely since enemies trying to flank will usually find themselves being jumped and gnawed on by my four legged friend. Most of the other killstreaks are familiar but there are a few new additions that are fun to see in play. The new Sat Com which has replaced the UAV is interesting but I find it to be more of a bother than it should be. Rarely do teams time when to place them correctly to get the maximum effect, being that the more of them placed on the field (up to four) the greater advantage your team gains. 

   My greatest gripe is that for all the talk of pushing this game away from the rest of the series, it still the same. I didn't expect them to really change too much and risk not playing like Call of Duty but I did hope there would be more to the game this time around. The “dynamic” maps are much more limited than I had hoped and as much new perks and killstreaks there may be, the gameplay just isn't that different than the rest of the series. Again, I’m having fun with the game but I enjoy it the same way I enjoy every other Call of Duty seeing little innovations and more playing it safe. As expected there’s some planned download content which will undoubtedly make for some short term interest with new maps but I just can’t see myself playing the game much in the long term. I know the current CoD formula works since it’s what brought so many new players in back during the release of the original Modern Warfare but I’m seeing too much repetition and not enough innovation and while there’s plenty who’ll keep playing the series regardless, I think that as others begin to feel the effects of this repetition you could see a player base drop, nothing fatal to the franchise but a definite drop nonetheless. I’d still suggest that people give the game a shot especially with extinction mode which I do find to be quite enjoyable but I’m hoping that we’ll see some real changes in one of the titles within the next two year, whether it be the next Infinity Ward game or Treyarch’s next release. In any case that’s how I feel, good game but little innovation and a few other hiccups, feel free to let us know what you think below! Until next time, Sparda out!

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